It’s hard to not get overwhelmed with the millions of sources being thrown at you while searching for a publishing house, an agent, the proper way to format your manuscript, tips on writing your query letter, etc…

It would take almost as long as it took you to write your manuscript to wade through the stacks of ‘Top 10 things every author needs to know right now. Click here!’ (and you’re brought to a site that wants your cc# in order to view the info) OR ‘Buy my e- book to learn the secret to publishing 10,000 copies in a week!’ You get the idea.

This is the source for an author who’s ready to take that leap of faith & search for a worthy home to bring their manuscript to its fullest potential. The links & info provided here will attempt to give you a clear picture of the most common questions & concerns you’ll face when searching for a home worthy enough for your work. Some examples include:

  • How to go about finding a legit publisher
  • Understanding self-publishing from start to finish
  • How to choose the right agent (or if you even need an agent)

Basically a lot of info you need (and info you may not) to make the tough decisions about who to trust with your work and who will do everything possible to make sure your story gets the attention it deserves.